Friday, December 20, 2013



We woke up early this morning to snow gently falling.  Although many places across the US have received snow, here in Western Washington it has just been either really cold or raining.


Our duck, Wilhelmina, kept quacking to be let out of the coop this morning.


The chickens all stayed in where it is nice and dry, but Wilhelmina loved the snow.  She would bury her head in it and then shake off her feathers!


A snowy view of our road.  My hubby has been out working since early this morning.  We own a towing company, so this type of weather keeps him busy!


A quick walk over to the pasture next door for a couple of photos.  Sadly, the snow is turning into freezing rain and they say it will change to just plain old rain by afternoon.  Oh well, we enjoyed it for however briefly it was here.  Just hoping we will get some more during winter…and that it will stay a little longer!



Vee said...

Oh beautiful! My friend Ellen (The Happy Wonderer) is happily yelping about the snow today, too. Sorry that it will go so soon.

ellen b. said...

Hi Nadine!
I'm glad you visited my blog today. I enjoyed your post and will be back again. Wilhelmina is fabulous!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh yeah you got some, we did not get much. Doesn't snow just transform everything and make it magic!! Clarice