Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Decor


With Christmas less than a week away, I decided that I better post some photos of our Christmas décor this year!  I recently posted how I like bright colors and have been adding more of them into our décor.  I kept the decorations around our woodstove light and bright, using turquoise and white, with pops of red.


A little flocked deer that I found at a local antique shop and some colorful stems added to an old mason jar.


The paint-by-number and little house with the red windows, were also found at an antique shop.


A view of our bookcase wall with our snow village spanning across the top.  Our nativity set that my hubby’s grandma made is also on the shelves, along with a few other Christmas items.


We must have some candy canes in our Christmas décor!  Great to use as stir sticks in our hot cocoa too!


This deer is part of my hubby’s Breyer animal collection.  I borrowed him for my display. There is also a few bottlebrush trees and some old books that once belonged to my hubby’s grandfather.


Every year we must display this happy Santa which was made by my hubby’s grandma.


A few little items here and there.


Our Christmas Tree 

After years of having an artificial tree, we decided to get a real one this year.  It smells so good!


Another view of the tree.  Notice our old dog Ginger, enjoying the warmth of the woodstove!


Some Instagram pics of getting our tree…it was just the two of us, so it was kind of like a date!

image (1)

The above pics were from an outing we recently had in Snohomish with our daughter Sarah.  We visited a few antique shops and enjoyed all the Christmas displays at the stores.


Vee said...

Your home looks terrific. I thought that I had stumbled into one if my Swedish blogs. How fun to get a real tree this year. Hope that the kids will all be home for Christmas! Merry on!

♥ Tina said...

Oooh, it all looks SO pretty Nadine! Gorgeous! :) xxx

Sarah said...

So pretty : ) I LOVE that paint by number.

Mica Garbarino said...

I love it Nadine! Things have been busy, but still wanted to post your home on my blog...So better late than never!!!! I am!!! Hope you had a merry Christmas!!!!!! Hugs