Sunday, September 14, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Road Trip to the Peninsula


Going on a second road trip in the same weekend was another last minute decision.  Being as our local rental car agency was closed on Sundays, we had the car for two days.  We decided that since we had the car anyways, why not take another drive. 


This time we headed the opposite direction from the mountains and out to the Olympic Peninsula.  We took a ferry ride from Edmonds over to Kingston, about a 30 minute trip.


Our first stop was to Port Gamble.  This little town is amazing, it is like going back through time, nothing modern here, just the original houses and buildings.  The town was founded in 1853 and is still a mill owned town.


They were doing some painting on the historic water towers in town.




Family selfie in Port Gamble


A beautiful dahlia garden located near the edge of town.


You’re welcome…thanks for having us!


Next up was Fort Flagler.  This fort was built in the late 1890’s and many of the historic buildings are still there.


We wandered around the old batteries, going through some of them, with the help of a flashlight app on my phone!


These areas are where the guns were located at one time.



The view from the fort…that is Mount Baker in the distance.


Historic buildings in Fort Flagler.


Marrowstone Point Lighthouse and buildings.  They are not open to the public, but you can wander around them from the beach.


Playing around with a photo option on my phone…just for fun!


Jacob enjoying the nice cool water, as it was another warm day.


We quickly drove through the parking lot of Mystery Bay State Park on our way back off the island.


A beautiful little spot off the roadside.



We also visited Fort Worden.  It was built in the late 1890’s.  There is a lot to do at this fort, as it is over 400 acres.  We started our visit by going down to the beach and the Port Wilson Lighthouse.



Port Wilson Lighthouse





The guys decided to walk on the rocks along the shore…I stuck to the path!


A mama and baby deer in front of Alexander’s Castle.  The castle was built in 1883 by Reverend John Alexander for his Scottish bride, unfortunately when he returned to Scotland to bring her back here, she had already married! 


Battery Putnam






Our last stop was a quick drive through Port Townsend.  We were tired and ready to get home by this point, so we didn’t get out to visit any of the places.  Also, there was some type of festival going on and it was very crowded there.



Port of Kingston


Thankfully we had a pretty view while waiting for the ferry to bring us back to Edmonds…as there was almost a 2 hour wait!



Good thing we stopped for snacks before heading to the ferry dock…we came prepared!

Like my other road trip post, if you click on the highlighted names of the places we visited, you will be able to read more about them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Road Trip to the Mountains


This past weekend we decided, at the last minute, to take a road trip.  My hubby was a bit concerned about our 13 year old mini van making it over the mountain pass and back.  It has around 260,000 miles on it, so it can sometimes be unpredictable…although it has been a blessing to our family. 

So, we went online the night before our road trip and reserved a rental car.  I must admit it was a nice treat to be able to ride in a brand new car that does not make any funny noises and still has that “new car smell”.  The car they provided us with was a 2014 Chevy Impala…it was very comfortable and it was wonderful having air conditioning (the one in our van does not work), especially with temperatures in the upper 80’s. 

Of course, as nice as it was to drive a new car, just the thought of huge monthly car payments makes me appreciate my old mini van!


As soon as we picked up the rental car we heading east over Stevens Pass to Eastern Washington.


Roadside selfie of the three of us…happy to be enjoying the beauty of God’s creation around us!


Exploring some of the sights on the side of the highway.




Leavenworth…such a neat town, anytime of the year is great to visit here.  It was a bit crowded, but not as bad as during the summer months, or around Christmas.


hmmm…I dared him and he accepted!


There are many different shops and restaurants, all with a Bavarian theme.


Pat & I


With the really warm temperatures, it was a wonderful treat to walk under these misters that were alongside the sidewalk!


We stopped in to visit the Upper Valley Museum, also located in Leavenworth.  The museum is inside the house pictured above, it was built in 1903.


Jacob & Pat along the Wenatchee River


Our next stop was Cashmere, a small town farther east of Leavenworth, surrounded by brown, rolling hills and fruit orchards.  Of course, we needed to stop in at the Aplets & Cotlets factory and store!  If you have never had Aplets & Cotlets, they are like Turkish delights…so delicious!


Located in Cashmere is the Historic Museum & Pioneer Village.  Sometimes we skip over museums, especially if the admission price is too spendy for our budget.  I am glad that we decided to go to this one though.  I just wish that we arrived sooner, as we only had about 30 minutes to see everything.  If we are ever over there again, I would like to take our time looking at all the exhibits.


There were several display cases with Native American artifacts, several from tribes located here in Washington.


20140906_161837 - Copy

Behind the museum were several old structures that made up the pioneer village.  You could not go inside of most of them, as there were iron gates in the doorways, but I was able to snap a few photos of the vintage displays.




20140906_162411 - Copy



We took a little detour off the highway and through the orchards.  Those are pears in the picture above.  They looked so good!


We discovered this place, Peshastin Pinnacles State Park, on our detour.  We only stopped to take photos, but it would be nice to explore it one day.


More pear orchards, with a few sunflowers along the roadside.


We still had a long drive ahead of us, so we decide to head home.  We drove through the small town of Skykomish on our way back.  It is a small town nestled in the Cascade Mountains.


Several years ago, Pat was asked to preach a sermon at this small church, as their pastor was out of town.  Both our church and Skykomish Community Church are part of Village Missions.  Years ago, our pastor started teaching Bible classes at our church.  My husband went through these classes and it was such a blessing to him.  He was not raised in a Christian home, and although we had attended church for years, these classes really helped him to be able to understand and study God’s Word. 

I wanted to share a link to these classes, as they have just recently become available online.  If you are interested, you can sign up and take the two year course online, free of charge.  The name of the program is Contender’s Discipleship Initiative…visit the site for more information!

I will share the second part of our road trip soon!

Also…there are several links in this blog post to find out more about the places we visited and the Bible classes.